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Portable brain stimulation devises are right around the corner. However, given the economic pressures (and the kind of people who can afford gadgets and their specific worries) it is likely that the focus of such devices will be things such as:
Enhanced working memory
Faster learning
Intense psychological focus
and so on…
However, we already know that such devices can drastically improve the hedonic tone of an animal with little to no buildup of tolerance.
Possible tasks would be to adapt the devices for non-human animals, campaign for their use in factory farmed animals as well as in the elderly and demented populations. And, of course, hack these devices in all sorts of ways to specifically reduce pain and suffering.
See: http://cogtech.net/blog/2014/07/interview-with-sterling-cooley/

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Pawel: “Throughout the years I’ve recommended people to read this short essay by Paul Graham quite often. This is something I have practiced all my life, and I consider it a vital heuristic & tool in the rationalist’s toolbox.
Graham argues that identity is the culprit in most conflicts. It clouds the mind. This is neither novel nor in absence of evidence. But it remains pervasive. “MY religion, MY domain, MY discipline, MY expertise, MY gender, MY political party, MY band, MY turf. They are attacking ME!” They’re all triggers to bring out the worst in our deficient cognitive apparatus. Dial back and self-identify as a sentient being, if you are one. Avoid tribalism. Keep your identity small.”

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""That plasticity of the connection between the hippocampus and the amygdala plays a crucial role in the switching of the valence of the memory," Tonegawa says.
These results indicate that while dentate gyrus cells are neutral with respect to emotion, individual amygdala cells are precommitted to encode fear or reward memory."

Neuroscientists reverse memories’ emotional associations

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