I agree with this so wholeheartedly. We should stop worrying about whether our fellow humans are getting more than their share, and start worrying about whether they are getting enough at all. The generational wealthy families want us to worry more about the poor having too much. As long as we worry about the poor having more than their share, we won’t worry seriously about the rich having more than their share. Let’s get real and stop being so easily manipulated!!



Our goal as a nation should be for every child in Public Housing to have an ereader or iPad or some form of portable screen with internet access. Our goal should be to insure that children growing up with the least advantages economically have more not less educational advantages.

An iPad is cheaper than most computers. It’s portability allows a child to use it outside rather than tethered inside an apartment that may not have working air conditioning. Aside from providing access to teachers, libraries and educational programs a device like this allows parents on assistance to shop grocery stores for the best deals and sales in order to make their food stamps go further, search for jobs and apply for unemployment more easily, and search for and apply for social services they may not have been aware of that can help their families. 

As a nation we should be working tirelessly to prevent a digital poverty line by requiring companies to donate or provide affordable broadband, WiFi hot spots, ereaders and tablet in poor communities across the country.