Can’t We Both Be Right?

People thought that Friday’s post meant I was anti-gun. Not so! There are a lot of people I would like to shoot. I am a wholehearted supporter of the Second Amendment and believe firmly that all citizens above the age of sexual maturity should be mandated to have a gun, but only a gun designed before 1789, when the amendment was adopted. Not only would death by gunfire be greatly reduced by poor accuracy and long reloading time, but the powder-horn and ramrod industries would boom creating employment in a struggling economy, not to mention that during damp weather crime would drop to almost zero.
If you don’t agree with me I challenge you to a duel.

~ Yonah Ward Grossman

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9/11 attacks: 3,000 people killed.
Response: Two wars, trillions of dollars spent. 

Every single year: 30,000 Americans killed by gunfire.
Response: Weakened gun laws.