I feel discussions about rape-frequency in any given environment tend to include two disparate mindsets. It seems like all other variations can, eventually, be boiled down to these two. Beginning with such different assumptions, or world views, it makes it nearly impossible to stop the culture of rape. You may disagree with me about that statement. 

Writing them out briefly this morning, I am sure I am leaving out many points for each of these, but this is the general idea.

Mindset 1: is working under the assumption that [some? many? all?] men will rape women as a matter of course if left unchecked. It is part of man’s nature to do so. It is natural and we should expect it and prepare ourselves for it. Women should make choices designed to eliminate this possiblility. Women should take responsibility to protect herself from men who cannot be expected to control themselves. 

(translation: women should limit their lives because men are, by nature, natural rapists. Women should accept this and try to not get raped). 

Mindset 2: is working under the assumption men will not rape women in environments in which rape is not tolerated. Men can, and most men do, exercise the appropriate self-control to allow for the safety of both the women and men whom they encounter. 

(translation: men are responsible for their own behaviors. Frequent rape occurs only in environments where it is tolerated and expected. Change the environment, stop the rape. It is like any other crime: It occurs with more frequency where tolerance exists.) 

Those with Mindset 1 focus on the women. For example: 

* Women should not be in the miliatary unless they anticipate being raped.

* Women shouldn’t wear sexy clothing. 

* She teases men. 

* She is promiscuous. 

* She flirted a lot. 

* She kept going back there (to the bar, the club, her friend’s house, the breakroom at work) knowing he wanted her. 

* Men, unlike women, cannot be expected to control themselves — if they could, they would, but they don’t, so that proves it.

Those with Mindset 2 focus on the men and the environment. For example:

* Men are intelligent, capable human beings. 

* Men can control themselves and their urges, whether it is hunger, sex or anger. 

* Zero tolerance for any harmful conduct requires quick, decisive action. 

* Women and men are equals and are treated with equality as a matter of course. 

* It is unacceptable to behave in ways, or to say things, which focus on women as objects used for sex. 

* Making sexual objectification unacceptable creates an environment where women are not objects to be used for sex, but instead, are equal human beings who may/may not choose to have sex with any given man or woman.

What happens in these discussions is that each person continually restates variations of their own Mindset. Each person cannot understand why the other person is so dense and cannot understand their points. Rarely is someone able to move from one mindset to the other without some kind of personal cathartic experience. The change typically is from the majority (Mindset 1) to the minority (Mindset 2). Mindset 1 is the majority because of the type of society and culture in which we are immersed. Many of those who believe themselves to be of Mindset 2 will, under questioning, find they are actually in Mindset 1 and only feel hopeful about Mindset 2. Again, I think the woman in your video may be just trying to drum up publicity for herself to get more talking-head work, but the reality of the different Mindsets exist, regardless.

~ The Thoughtful Cynic